National Colorbred Association
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Welcome to the National Colorbred Association's website.  We are an International Colorbred Canary Club.  Our judges are required to take a written and visual examination to be qualified to judge at our affiliated exhibitions. 

All members in good standing receive a quarterly Newsletter.  Membership dues are $35.00 single, $40.00 dual. 
Members are also able to purchase closed leg bands.  Points are awarded at 'affiliated' exhibitions to our members.  The member receiving the most points is recognized as  "Breeder of the Year". 

Recognition to "Breeder of the Year" and runnersup is provided in the National Cage Bird Show catalog and NCA Newsletter.  A plaque is presented to the "Breeder of the Year".   

We also provide patronage awards to local affiliated clubs and the National Cage Bird Show.
Please visit our various pages for an informative and more in-depth look at our club.

Our Officers:

  Ricardo Sanchez

  Brian Cabral
 President Advisor:
  Jerry Cherta
Karen Cardenas
 Treasurer /
 Bands & Awards Secretary:
Karen Cardenas

Jose Zelada