National Colorbred Association
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2007-08 Master Breeders
Congratulations for all our 2008 Master Breeder Honorees.  You have accomplished something great with your birds and have done a good job in your breeding program.  It takes a lot of work to get your birds to be on the top bench at your local shows.  NCA takes great pride in recognizing your as "Master Breeders".      Henry Vela, NCA President

 John Astornio  Bob Metheny
 Carl Biers  Keith Pelham
 Juan Castro  Oscar Sanchez
 John Cromwell  Ricardo Sanchez
 Dino Dimitriou  Albert Silva
 Kourosh Etmadi  Vincent Turner
 Jorge Garcia  Julio Vallella    
 Val Garcia  Evon VanOrnum
 Doyle Johnson   Henry Vela
 Warren Launderville Jose Zelda
 Manuel Madruga