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NCBS Sponsorships

Sponsors for the 2016 NCBS National Show
were pledged as follows:



 Division 8


  Bonnie Cain           
 Section 1  Red Ground Intensive  Carl Biers & John Cromwell
 Section 2  Red Ground Frost  Brian & Lisa Cabral
 Section 3  Yellow Ground  Michael Nichols                     
 Section 4  White Ground               Henry Vela           
 Section 5  Ivories  Carl Biers & John Cromwell  
 Section 6  Mosaic Males      Ricardo Rodriguez           
 Section 7  Mosaic Females

              Jerry Cherta            


 Division 9


   Rado Pagac           
 Section 1  Bronze Intensive       Felix Hernandez
 Section 2  Bronze Frost   Claudio/Fred Gatto           
 Section 3  Red Brown  Ricardo Sanchez
 Section 4  Red Agate & Isabel  Carl Biers & John Cromwell
 Section 5  Yellow and White  Margaret Blackman           
 Section 6   Classic Melanin Mosaic Males   Robert  Trincado                   
 Section 7  Classic Melanin Mosaic Females           Brian Cabral           

 Division 10

 New Color Melanin

   Camelo Taibi
 Section 1  All Opals  Rado Pagac            
 Section 2  All Inos   Jerry Zak
 Section 3  All Satinettes  Ricardo Sanchez
 Section 4  All Pastels  Carl Biers & John Crowmwell
 Section 5  Red & Yellow Melanin Mosacis Females     Margaret Blackman            
 Section 6

Section   7         
Red & Yellow Melanin Mosaic Females 

Melanin New Mutations Topaz, Onyx, Eumo, Colbalt      
  Claudio & Fred Gatto 

 Henry Vela
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