National Colorbred Association
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Cage Specifications
Exterior paint - Sherwin-Williams #2126 Tricorn Black
Interior paint- Sherwin-Williams #1782 Bold Blue

Paint Colors:
Inside - Sherwin Williams #SW1782 - Bold Blue
Outside - Sherwin Williams #SW2126 Tricorn Black

There are 22 vertical wires - 1/16th inch in diameter
There are 4 horizontal wires - 1/8th inch in diameter

The drinker is placed between the 2nd and 3rd wires on the right of the front of the cage.

The show tag is placed on the 2nd wire on the left of the front of the show cage.

New Show cages may be ordered from:        Plastic Cage  (approved by NCA)
Jerry Cason 817-237-5867 or email -    or     Tom Voges                       3601 S. Valleyview St.
                                                                           Wichita, KS 67215

                                                                            316-440-0839 email:

Drinkers may be ordered from:
Higgins  at 800-878-2666