National Colorbred Association
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NCA Awards

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The National Colorbred Association awards points toward 'Breeder of the Year' status to all members.  The designation of "Breeder of the Year" is awards to the exhibitor with the most points for the calendar year. 

  • To be eligible for the NCA to award points the exhibition must "affiliate* " with the NCA. 
  • Points are awarded in the 3 Colorbred Divisions:  Lipochrome, Melanin and New Color Melanin.   Each Division will have 1400 points available as outlined below.  If an exhibition has all 3 divisions, a total of 4200 points will be awarded.
  • For each affiliated exhibition, points are awarded for a Division as follows:
                        1st place -     500 points
                        2nd place -    400 points
                        3rd place -    300 points
                        4th place -     200 points
  • Any exhibitor receiving 1,000 points in a  calendar year will receive the NCA "Master Breeder" Award Certificate
  • Any bird receiving 800 points or more is also recognized with the NCA "Champion" Award Certificate. 

* Club Affiliation
To be able to award points for an exhibition, the club must affiliate itself with the NCA.
The Annual Club Affiliation dues include medallions for the exhibition.
The cost is $75.00 for 2 Divisions; $100 for 3 Divisions.  Please fill out the membership application with the Club's information and include $9.50 for shipping exhibition awards.  The club is responsible for requesting awards approximately 1 month before exhibition date.  Please send request to:
Henry Vela
620 Arawe Circle East
Irving, Texas 75060