National Colorbred Association
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NCA By-Laws


 Article I, Name

The name of this organization shall be the NATIONAL COLORBRED ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED.


Article II, Object


The purpose of the organization shall be to:

   a.   Encourage the membership to breed and exhibit colorbred canaries

         as near to the adopted standard as possible.

    b.  Provide patronage awards to the local clubs and the National Cage Bird Show.


The standards of perfection recognized and accepted by the AOB-Belgium, known as the "Colorbred Criteria Of Belgium" will be used as a basis of the official judging standards of the National Colorbred Association.  Patronage awards will be approved by the President and shall be open awards placed without restriction by National Colorbred Association.  Any restriction shall become the responsibility of the local club.


Article III, Officers

Section 1, Executive Board

Officers of this organization shall consist of eight (8) individuals:  

        Vice President
        Bands and Awards Secretary
        and three (3) Directors. 
These officers shall perform the duties pre
scribed in these by-laws and shall be recognized as the Executive Board. 
Minutes of the annual meeting are to be sent to the Executive Board immediately following the meeting for approval prior to year's end annually.


Section 2, Election of Officers

All officers shall be elected every other year by the members in good standing
who attend the annual meeting at the National Cage Bird Show.  The term of office shall  be from January 1 following the election for two years.  Retiring
officers shall deliver to their successors all properties belonging to NCA before January 1 of the following year.


Section 3, Duties of Officers

  The President shall exercise a general supervision over all interests of the club, appoint Regional Representatives, appoint special committees, and fill all vacancies which might occur that are not specified as the duty of the Executive Board.  The president will be the chairman of the Executive Board and ex-officio member of all committees.


Vice President:  The Vice President shall represent this organization on behalf of the President and shall assume the duties of the President at the annual meeting in his/her absence or when needed.


Secretary:  The Secretary shall record minutes of the annual meeting and any meetings of the Executive Board and may prepare an outline of the agenda for these events.  The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping  the official by-laws  current and reflective of any changes.


Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall have charge of  funds, keep accurate records of all receipts and expenditures, and make a written report of all transactions at the annual meeting or directly to the Executive Board by the end of the calendar year

if there has been no meeting.  Incoming funds are to be deposited in a timely manner and bills are to be paid promptly.  The Treasurer shall issue all bands, upon payment thereof,  to members of this organization only; and keep records of all bands distributed.  The Treasurer is to administer the Affiliation program to include soliciting affiliations, ordering and distributing awards, and recording awards to members and their canaries. An annual report of winners and earned points is to be made to the Bulletin Editor by January 31 of each year.  Any presentation of recognition of the winners is to be made at the annual meeting.


Bulletin Editor:  The Bulletin Editor shall issue four (4) bulletins annually, publishing educational material and information pertinent to or for the best interest of the membership.


Directors:  The three Directors shall each participate as officers of the organization in all necessary business of the club, both at the regular annual meeting and as necessary during the year. Each Director shall audit the Secretary-Treasurer's  annual report during the first quarter of the new year.  Each Director shall return to file their copy of this report connotated as to their findings.  The President may, from time to time, assign designated duties to each of the Directors.


Section 4, Removal of an Officer:


Any officer may be removed for cause, or otherwise, by a majority vote of the Executive Board at any regular meeting or at a special meeting.  The limit of officer absence at annual meetings is two consecutive meetings.  After missing two consecutive meetings the officer is to be replaced either at a special meeting of the Executive Board or at the next regular meeting by a vote by the membership.


Section 5, Filling Officer Vacancies:

All vacancies in any office by resignation, death, removal, or otherwise, shall be
filled without delay by a vote of the Executive Board.  This is to be done by mail ballot or at a meeting specifically called for this purpose.


Article IV, Members

Section 1:
  Membership is attained by paying annual dues at the rate of $25.00 per annum for single membership and an additional $5.00 per annum for dual membership.  Failure to pay dues, or other fees required by these by-laws, within the first quarter of the calendar year
shall result in automatic suspension of membership of the member or members so delinquent.  Officers of the association so delinquent automatically vacate the office they hold.


Section 2:  Members in good standing are entitled to attend the annual meeting, vote, purchase club bands, hold office and receive the bulletin.


Section 3;  All complaints must be in writing to the President and accompanied by a $10.00 fee.  The President shall expediently appoint a committee of three (3) to investigate the complaint and report their findings of fact to the Executive Board for a final decision.


Section 4:  Annual meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised.  All members are requested to be governed by these guidelines



Article V, Guidelines for Judge Criteria.  Designation of persons as NCA judge shall be accomplished in accordance with the following guidelines:


Judge candidate requirements:


Judge candidate shall write to the National Colorbred Association president and request an application to become a judge.  The letter is to include:

  • The Applicant is 21 years of age or more
  • Has been a member of NCA for three years
  • Has five years breeding experience with colorbreds (list types bred) and
  • Three years exhibiting (list where, when, scores and placement in show)      


 NCA president shall review the application.  If the candidate qualifies a file shall be started for the candidate application and all subsequent information required.  The candidate will receive a letter outlining the steps to be taken and including requirements for both new and existing judges. Written test is to be taken prior to apprentice judging or visual test.

 The candidate is required to: 

  1. Maintain NCA membership, payable in the first quarter annually.
  2. Secretary a division at a show with an NCA judge presiding.    Written  report from presiding judge is to be sent to the NCA president within  two weeks of the show for file.
  3. Steward a division at the National.  Written report from presiding judge is to  be sent to the NCA president within two weeks of the show for file.
  4. Exhibit birds under three different judges within two years.  Supply the president with supporting score sheets for file.
  5. Pass written test with a score of at least 75%.  Test administered by president and placed in file.
  6. After passing test, the candidate is to apprentice judge three shows under  three different judges. Candidate is to use only the point system and score without using partial points.  A judge may comply with show managers request to comparison judge but may also supply scores of top birds and for Breeder of Year credit.  Written report from each presiding judge is to be sent to the NCA president within two weeks of the show for file.
  7. Candidate is to take the visual test at the National.  This will include scoring of up to 15 colorbreds.  Examiner to make written report to the NCA president within two weeks for file.
  8. Status reports to the candidate may be appropriate during the qualification process.  Upon completion of the above activities the president will present candidate's file to the Executive Board.  They will vote on whether the candidate has qualified to be a judge.  The candidate will be promptly notified by the President in writing  as to the outcome of this vote. 

  Judge requirements: 

  1. The judge must be a member in good standing with the National Colorbred Association  Dues are to be paid in full during the first quarter annually.
  2. Judge is to buy a minimum of 25 bands annually. NCA or equivalent.
  3. Judge is to actively breed and exhibit colorbreds.  Suggested minimum is two shows in a two year period.  Documentation is sent to the president.
  4. Judge is to use only the point system and score without using partial points.  A judge may comply with show managers request to comparison judge but may also supply scores of top birds and for Breeder of Year credit.
  5. Any written comment received relative to the performance of a judge may be shared with the judge and kept in their file with appropriate notations.
  6. Judge is to attend workshops offered by NCA a minimum of once every three years.  It is recommended that these sessions be closed door and hands on to maximize the benefit to the participants.  Attendance is to be taken by the presiding officer.
  7. Presiding judges may conduct clinics at any show where three judges are present and want such a clinic.  Judge is to write report including role call and minutes of the clinic to the president within two weeks.
  8. A judge must write reports as required and submit reports within two weeks.  A judge must respond to all inquiries from the president promptly.  A judge must adhere to the judge rules and standards.
  9. A judge may request inactive status for a period not to exceed three years.  Dues must be paid during this period. The judge is removed from the list.  To return to active status a written request is made to the president.  Arrangements will be made for the judge to apprentice under a certain judge. The presiding judge is then to write a letter for or against reinstating the inactive judge.  The Executive Board will review the judge's file and vote on reinstatement.  Decision is to be in writing.  The president is to promptly notify the judge of the decision in writing.
  10. When a present judge has failed to conform to significant requirements their position of judge may be in jeopardy.  The president shall write such a judge and clearly state the problem and indicate what corrective action is required.  An effort will be made to assist the individual in meeting the requirements. In the event of a negative outcome, findings must be in a written report and the judge's file shared with the Executive Board.  They are to vote on the status of the judge.  Decision is to be in writing.  The president is to promptly notify  the judge of the decision in writing.
  11. A judge who has achieved twenty years as an NCA judge shall have attained tenure and shall remain certified as long as their dues are paid and bands are purchased. Noted "TENURED" on list.
  12. Both AOB and COM judges may be included in the list without adherence to the rules listed above as long as the Executive Board approves them on an annual basis. Noted "HONORARY" on list.


Article VI, Amendment Of By-laws


Section 1:  Any bylaw may be repealed, altered, or added at any regular meeting of the association by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership in good standing present at the meeting.


Bylaws were approved by the membership on 19 November 1994.  The most recent changes were approved by the membership on 17 November 2007.