National Colorbred Association
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NCA Standards



Official Standards Suggested by the National Colorbred Association

Colorbred canaries should be judged by the point system and are separated into two divisions: “LIPOCHROMES” and “MELANINS”. The color of “MELANINS” (dark) canaries is the product of super-position of two types of pigmentation: ground pigment (i.e. red, yellow or white), and melanin pigments (i.e. black and/or brown). Lipochrome (clear) canaries are unable to produce melanin pigments and, therefore, only the ground pigment (red, yellow or white) shows. Variegated canaries are the result of crossing Lipochrome and melanin canaries and should not be done in order to reproduce the best show birds.

OFFICIAL STANDARD. The following is the scale of points as issued by The National Colored Association(NCA).

Color – (1) Lipochrome Canaries:

                      Ground Color (50 points): Deep, bright, rich, level 

(2) Melanin Canaries:

a) Ground Color (20 points): Deep, bright rich, level throughout.

b) Melanin pigments(30 points) penciling should carry completely throughout the back and down the flanks; beak, legs and nails should show proper pigment for the variety.

Position - (10 points) the birds should stand at a 45 degree angle, be alert and relaxed, and with head slightly raised, back and tail in a straight line, wings closed, tips of wings ending at base of tail and wingtips meeting but not crossing.

Conformation – (10 points) Round, neat appearing and fairly large head in proportion to body; short beak, broad at the base, not crossed or overgrown; eyes should be round, dark, bright and lively; fairly short and well filled neck in proportion to head and body; shoulders should be rounded, not hollow; fairly broad, well filled and rounded breast, not too full or pronounced; broad and well filled back, running in almost straight line from shoulders to tip of tail; wings should be compact, carried close to body with flight feathers just meeting at tips; compact, slightly tapered tail, ending in a small V; medium sized legs, slightly bent, showing a little thigh, with feet in proportion.

Size – (10 points) overall length of 5 1/2 inches include a 1 3/8 inches long tail.

Feathering – (15 points) smooth, soft glossy, with tight appearance. A complete wing consists of 18 flight feathers and a complete tail consists of 12 tail feathers. No short, broken or missing feathers.

Condition – (5 points) overall neat appearance, no missing toes or nails. Nails should not be too long.

Total – 100 points.